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Robert Amparan

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San Francisco, California 94103

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DJ Lee

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T. Richard Hagin

PO Box 771988,

Ocala, Florida 34477

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To search for a document, start with the search tab on the homepage. Once you have entered your search terms, you can then sort through the various database filters to limit the search results to those that you are interested in. For example, if you are only interested in California contracts cases, you can limit your search results to “California” and “Contracts” using the database filters. To purchase and download a document, simply add it to your cart and click the “checkout” box. After purchasing, the document will be permanently stored in your My Account section. The document will be available in the format that it was uploaded (for example, .pdf, .doc, or .wpd) and will always be available in .pdf format, no matter the original format. Once you have uploaded a document, you may then choose to be displayed on our home page to give your practice free exposure to thousands of visitors! also allows you to request documents from other lawyers and respond to requests from those that are looking for research and analysis that you have already performed. This section is intended to unite lawyers looking for documents with those that have already created them.

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